Collective agreements

Your collective agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities at work.  If you have questions or concerns about your treatment at work, please talk to your steward or a member of the executive.


Our bylaws set out the rules for how our local democratically elects our representatives, and how it is run.


If your collective agreement has benefits negotiated, you can provide easy access to the provider’s page(s) here, along with a simple explanation of what is and isn’t covered.


Job postings

Many employers keep their postings online, but often buried deep in their web sites.

If you make the union site the easiest way for your members to find the postings that are already being kept up to date by the employer, they’ll be more likely to see other union news at the same time.



CUPE 1356 members are part of the York University Pension Plan.

If you have questions about your eligibility or about the plan, please talk to your steward or  a member of the executive.